Changing the world around us, we change lives for the better, and that's priceless.

Charity Programme

Larson&Holz IT LTD charity programme is targeted at the tackling of the most urgent social and medical problems of the disadvantaged all over the world The programme is focused on such aspects as assistance to those who suffer from the food shortages, charity for children, social rehabilitation, refugee support and protection of the endangered species.

Any responsible company today tends to use its profits not only for the development of its own business but also for the needs of the society we live in. Changing the world around us we change the life for the better: and this is priceless.

Within the framework of our Charity programme we co-operate with the following organizations; UNICEF, International Red Cross, International Charity supporting orphans ‘SOS Children’s Villages ‘, Saint-Petersburg Charity ‘Social rehabilitation centre for disabled adults and children in the Admiralteysky district’, IFAW – International fund for Animal Welfare.

Larson&Holz IT LTD allocates momey for humanitarian aid which is channeled to the African regions suffering from drought and hunger, to the camps of the refugees, who have lost their homes and property as a result of war. We provide financial support for rehabilitation programmes for the disabled and for their families.

Rendering assistance for rare animals Larson&Holz take care of one of the unique inhabitants of the Leningrad Zoo – cotton-top tamarin, being official guardians of the animal.

Larson&Holz takes an active part in the salvation programme for the endangered white rhinoceros. The Company provides money for the support of the last animals of the species, improving their habitat and developing projects for the artificial rebuilding of the northern white rhinoceros population.

Charity work, done by Larson&Holz for children includes financial support for the international orphans’ organizations and programmes of psychological assistance and social rehabilitation for disabled children. The Company also funds medical care and is involved in the improvement of life quality for orphans and for children from disadvantaged families.