Information about company

Larson and Holz IT Ltd was established in 2004 to offer access for the internet trading on the world financial markets. The major areas of company’s priorities are customer-oriented approach and off –line customer support through the system of partners offices.

The year 2004

A group of professional traders came to the decision to build up a company orientated on Russian speaking clients mostly from Russian and Ukraine.

At those days United Kingdom legislation was the most progressive and convenient for the Forex dealings so it was chosen for the registration.

The year 2005

Parex Banka was selected as the main bank for the companies’ clients. At the time it was the most up to date Baltic bank experienced in the marginal trading for the retail clients.

Larson and Holz was among the first to switch to the forth version of Metatrader. A Technical back office for trading servers and data centers was opened in Seattle (USA).

Larson&Holz takes part in the international exposition “FOREX EXPO 2005” to present its trading services for private investors. Company managers demonstrate the specifics of working with the new terminal MetaTrader4.

The first off-line office was opened in Eastern Europe.

The year 2006

The decision was taken to change the jurisdiction. The company moved to the classical off shore format. The Seychelles were selected for registration as the most popular free zone for the financial companies.

The structural optimization allowed to cancel the commission on transitions and to improve trading conditions. Also, Larson and Holz was among in the vanguard of the new quotation system – Instant Execution.

In 2006 Larson and Holz aimed at Asian markets of brokers service and took part in the “Technical Trading Strategies 2006” conference in Hong Kong and in “Forex Network Asia” in Shanghai, presenting the Instant Execution technology.

The year 2007

The Company started implementing partners programme on the franchise basis. It allowed the company to extend its network significantly, expanding to numerous regions of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Larson&Holz welcomed new shareholders from Europe and witnessed changes in the board.

Once again, the broker was invited to one of the major events in Forex industry – “Forex Expo 2007” hosted in Beijing. Taking part in this event helped to bond business relations in Asia and allowed to draw attention to the company’s franchise offers.

The year 2008

Larson &Holz holds a series of its presentations of its franchising programmes on numerous i nternational conferences and expositions, including “Forex Expo 2008” in Riga and Beijing and on financial forums in Budapest and Hong Kong.

The network of Larson and Holz representatives keeps enlarging, spreading to new regions of Europe

By the time of financial crisis of 2008 the company had had offices in more than 10 countries and enormous client base.

The year 2009

The company successfully survived the crisis. Moreover, CFD trading on shares of American companies and precious metals was introduced.

A new marketing programme Forex Family was launched. The programme was oriented on professional traders and included a wide variety of features: Islamic accounts, multi currency deposits, dynamic spread reduction, bonus programme, etc.

Larson&Holz IT Ltd found a partner in Eastern Europe specializing in training traders. This marked a rise of years-long partnership of Larson&Holz and TcS Group.

Larson&Holz representatives visited Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, presenting Forex Family on “Forex Expo 2009”. Top analysts and traders of the company took part in “International Traders Conference 2009” in Barcelona.

The year 2010

New offices were opened in Europe and Asia.. Many representative offices had grown to the level of independent companies and expanded the list of services and brokers, and some of them even opened their own dealing centers, where new brands emerge.

Most of Larson&Holz IT Ltd representatives introduced Additional Training programmes in cooperation with local Universities.

The year 2011

Moscow and Kazan hosted new offices. A business model modification was launched, which put emphasis on online sales activity. The services were renewed, introducing five decimal digits; evolving quotation mode into more progressive Market Execution; making available automatic withdrawal and deposit of funds, etc.

The new marketing policy is focused on the development of online services for professional traders. Off-line offices are exclusive brokers’ representatives and are only kept in several cities of Europe. Also, the quality of provided services was standardized

The year 2012

New services for traders are lunched: Start – without limits on the initial deposit and Non-deposit – the unique unparalleled service for the beginners.

The Broker has passed the certification of the independent non-commercial partnership FMRRC and has received the Global Banking&Finance Review(UK) Award in two nominations.

The next step is registration of joint-stock company of the closed type and preparation for the organization of the JSC of the open type according the Russian Federation legislation.

The year 2013

The Company opened additional sales offices in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. At that time Larson&Holz had three offices in the capital of Russia.

Larson&Holz wins a number of prestigious awards, among which are awards for “Best Bonus Programme” from the Master FOREX of Forex Club and Innovative Broker of the year according to the IAFT AWARDS from MOFT.

Larson&Holz outgrew the limits of a small business accepting social responsibility by being engaged in a charity programme. The company provides help for children, the disabled and animals all around the globe, including such remote areas as undeveloped African countries. Larson and Holz aided UN Children’s Fund, supported retrieval of endangered white rhinoceros, etc.

The company developed numerous services, added new currency pairs, opened new types of accounts for professional traders – NDD and ECN accounts with direct access to the inter-bank market. For this purpose a separate portal was opened within the system of sites Larson and Holz -

The possibility of autonomous leverage regulation from 1:1 to 1:500 was launched. New developments were introduced: the first in the world spread-reporting system, social media for traders, monthly contest for traders, automatic access systems to any payment system, credit cards, etc.

The tear 2014

The Company launched a single social media for traders based on real-time rating. Since then traders from all over the world are able to chat and have lists of friends and communities.

The 13th MENA FOREX SHOW in Dubai (UAE) saw Larson&Holz presenting its automatic transactions copying system.which made possible to duplicate the world’s most successful traders’ signals.

By the end of 2014 Larson&Holz had proved to be the best NDD/STP broker and was awarded with high-prestige international certificate from Forex Awards.

The year 2015

Larson and Holz keeps enlarging its network in Asia, the company takes part in the international conference “ShowFx Asia” in Singapore.

The company was nominated for “Breakthrough of the Year 2015” and won it.

Offices in Cyprus and in Montenegro were in the process of opening.

The year 2016

A revolutionary service of binary options trading was launched. Accordingly, a new web portal dedicated to this instrument was introduced.

Nintendo and Line Corp Japan shares were added to the list of CFD instruments.

Larson&Holz enlarges its influence in countries of Asia and Latin America, and due to this new domains were developed. Now the company’s site is available in 16 languages, including Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Croatian, etc.