An update of trading instruments list


Dear clients!

We are almost finished with an update of our CFDs on shares trading instrument selection. Pursue for even higher profits, trading stocks of giants: American Express, Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd., Caterpillar Inc, Harley-Davidson Inc, Philip Morris International Inc, Tiffany & Co., Volkswagen and other transnational corporations.

From now on, CFDs on shares' tickers will not contain a # symbol. Due to this, all old-designed tickers will be shifted to Close Only mode today, on March 7, 11:59 pm (Server Time). After that, new tickers will become active. We strongly advise to close all deals with old-designed trading instruments before Monday, 11 March 2019. All orders with old-designed trading instruments will be closed automatically on that date, at 11:59 pm (Server Time).