US Elections 2020


Dear clients!

We kindly remind you that next week the USA is going through the final stage of Presidential Elections. This event was prepared and anticipated for at least 6 months. The country and the whole world will finally know the USA’s choice for the next four years and release the tension for all concerned parties.

The results will affect not only US citizens or US trading partners. They will also affect every trader, because USD is an important currency that all other currency rates are tied down to. This is why next week we expect to see very high volatility in all financial markets that are somehow connected with USD.

This is why Larson&Holz highly recommends its clients to be extra responsible and cautious when trading next week. High volatility promises high profits, but it also bears uncommonly high risks. “Slow and steady wins the race” is not a common motto among traders, but this time we suggest you to apply it to your trading style.