Report from iFX Expo Cyprus 2022


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

On the 7-9th of June, the Larson&Holz representatives visited the annual iFX Expo Cyprus.

This year, the event was more lively and crowded than ever.

Welcoming Cyprus had to give its biggest venue in Limassol.

Partly, the activity was increased not only because of the interest in the Forex industry but also to the end of the pandemic.

We were all so tired of all the restrictions and missed live meetings all the 2 years since the previous expo in Cyprus, so there were even more people than usual.

The number of participants also showed people's interest in fintech which replaced crypto favoured by many over the past several years.

Larson&Holz has already been to over a dozen of iFX expos, but this one seems particularly promising for the future of our company!