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Risk disclosure and limitation of responsibility:
  • 1

    Trading with leverage is a high-risk activity.

  • 2

    We offer just internet-trading service on the OTC market instruments – CFD on currencies and other instruments.

  • 3

    We do not offer asset management and do not guarantee Client’s profit.

  • 4

    We do not provide services for the residents of USA, North Korea, Iran.

  • 5

    CFD trading is recommended only for qualified investors.

  • 6

    Trading with leverage must be carefully consider the fact that there is not only high probability of profit, but also of loss.

  • 7

    The Client may sustain a part or total loss of their initial margin on account.

  • 8

    We strongly recommend using money management precautions such as, Stop Loss Orders for the purpose of limiting risk.

  • 9

    The Client mustn’t use for trading borrowed funds or such fund the loss of which can cause the substantial damage to Clients’ welfare.

  • 10

    Prior to the trading on the real account we recommend you to study carefully all details of marginal trading and to get trading on the demo account.

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